A Killer Claiming Horse Betting Strategy (You have to see this!)

“In my 36 years as a racehorse trainer, I have not seen anything like it! This easy to use method makes betting on Claiming Races Super Easy and is as logical as it gets!” – Jason Mann, Canis Bloodline Stock Group

The #1 Killer Claiming Horse Betting Strategy

The First Scientific Horse Betting Method that Has Already Been Proven to Make You Money Consistently.

How $15 Quickly & Easily Makes $157.28

“Discover the Secrets to Turning $15 Very Safely into $157.28 this Afternoon by using a solid strategy for winning Claiming Horse Races…

–Even if You’ve Never Placed a Single Bet Before in Your Life –GUARANTEED!”



Claiming Races have notoriously been one of the toughest racist to handicap in the past. Especially the Cheap Claiming Races. We are happy to say after a 6 year long study of thousands of claiming races WE HAVE FINALLY CRACKED THE CODE!

Now the LAST THING we want to do is flood the handicapping world with this information. We want to just arm enough of you with this Strategy to give you the upper hand EVERYTIME you go to the track.

So we will only be releasing  15,000 copies of this “Killer Claiming Strategy” on a FIRST COME basis!

The best part about this about this strategy is that it will work no matter where you are at in the world as long as there are Claiming Races being ran! Stay tuned below as we have some HUGE BONUSES to along with this Strategy that we are revealing TODAY just for you!

Imagine the feeling of knowing that you have this Killer Proven Strategy along with others in your arsenal and you are going to the TRACK to win HUGE tickets NOT just break even!

Your Handicapping Buddies will NEVER look at you in the same light! Imagine walking up to cash your ticket BEFORE the results are even posted. Everyone will be calling you Lucky, but none of this is luck! It’s calculated strategies that you get to take advantage of TODAY!


$2.312 in 12 Days!
“Sir, I have only two words for you ‘THANK YOU’! I had a rough first few days but it really picked up after that. I kept reinvesting my profits and continued to use only a small portion of my betting bank. And after just two weeks I netted $2312 in pure profits. But believe it or not I was betting very conservatively.”
George Evans – Portsmouth, UK
Here is a picture of my Dad and I when I was much younger. At an early age I just always loved the excitement of the track and trying to figure things out. I love statistics and the only way to get ANY predictability is to continue to run strategies looking for similar results. I have studied some of THE BEST HANDICAPPERS in the world and continue to do so every day. I am on my 13th Year of Profitability. Today You are getting access to projects that have come out of my handicapping labratory! Don’t take my word for it though check out the testimonials below:

What People Are Saying:

“Over the years I have bought a zillion gambling systems and yet none have made me enough money to even pay for the cost of the system itself. Although I read your system only yesterday, I’m a clear winner! Here’s why. After putting your betting system through the stats of past data, I can clearly see why most claim this to be the only betting system in the world that makes gambling almost not-gambling. Keep up the excellent work!” - Dr. Cheung Fung – Wong Hang, Hong Kong
“Man, I’m a veteran when it comes to betting systems. In the past decade I have spent more money on gambling products than on gambling itself. Although I have come across some good systems in the past, nothing compares to your strategy. In my first attempt I got 28 straight place wins in a row. I’ve never seen anything like it before. By using the same $25 I made over $1,800 in profits. Thank you very much for sharing this with me!” -Frank C. Santa Anita, California
As I write this I just hit a nice 5-1 horse in the 4th race at Charles Town that paid a nice 16.60!…I think that’s what makes the races so compelling, that there is so much information to factor yet this system makes it is so simple! - Ed W., Omaha, NE
I tried your system out last Friday at six different race tracks. I bet 28 races that fit your system at $2 each…My return was just over $165. Not bad for my first day. I guess the winnings…covered my investment…so I’m ahead for the rest of my life! Looking forward to trying it out again my next visit to the track.David, New Jersey, USA
“I have never managed to make a profit from punting over a period of time. Your Claiming Race Strategy has changed that for me. Your system is worth its weight in gold but your advice on betting is priceless.”
James Partington – Kentucky
Dear Friend, 

Join me if you have ever…:

  • Purchased tip sheet after tip sheet with no success
  • Won big on one race, only to give it all back and then some
  • Spent hundreds of dollars on horse racing systems; only to go home broke
  • Wondered whether you are ever going to make any money on the horses…

Believe me, I know how you feel. In fact, I was once the same.

I’ll never forget what it’s like to be part of the majority of chumps standing at the rail, tearing up tickets, searching for that one longshot that would get me to almost even. Those are some sad memories.

For me, though, that’s all they are – memories.

This is Not Luck we are talking about. With this Killer Claiming Race Strategy and the other BONUSES that you will be getting you will be getting consistent results day in and day out! We are NOT just talking about picking favorites either. Anyone can do that and put a system together that does so.

Over a 10 year period the ROI for this AMAZING handicapping secrets you have access to is 132% return on your money! What does this mean?? So if you knew every time you gave someone $100 they would give you $132 back. How many $100 would you give them? EXACTLY!!

This Killer Claiming Racing Strategy came out of complete frustration. I got sick and tired of going to the track just to Break Even! I wanted to come up with something consistent that can allow me to cash in some BIG TICKETS! Was it easy – Heck No! It took many trials and errors to get the formula dialed in!

I thought I was on to something several times then BOOM, I was back to square one. Then one day I tried combining a few methods that worked in the past and had some luck. I went to the track again and had cashed in another good day of tickets. FINALLY the consistency started to kick in and I KNEW I CRACKED THE CODE!

I went on and had THE BIGGEST YEAR of handicapping ever making a profit of $23,456!

This Killer Claiming Strategy is going to light your profits up in 2018! NOW Let’s see what else we have in store for you below:



Do you know what type bet pays THE BIGGEST PAYOUT in Horse Racing?

It is the Elusive Pick Six! Most people are lucky to even of known someone to hit a pick Six much less ever of hit this ticket themselves.

One Pick Six Payout can set you up for years and there are multiple payouts that hit over $100,000 every single year! As a FREE BONUS we are going to include one of our ABSOLUTE BEST SELLERS. ”How to Nail a Pick Six in Horse Racing!”

Less than 5% of the pick 6 players in the horse racing industry have one once or rarely hit a pick 6 betting opportunity which means 95% of the horse racing handicappers never hit the largest payout in horse racing wagers.

This is going to give you some very solid EASY TO APPLY that you can use today at the track to swing the odds in your favor. When studying the best handicappers in the world. There are some common themes these handicappers who have hit multiple Pick Six Tickets to take note of. In this E-book you will Learn:

  • Which Pick 6′s to Bet and Which Ones to Stay Away From
  • Specific Strategies for Getting the Best Odds Out of Your Bet
  • How to Spot Big Pick Six Carryover’s
  • What to Do When You Win a Big Pick Six Ticket
  • and much much more!

When it comes to taking on this type of bet it is just as important to know what NOT to do as it is on knowing what to do! You simply read this E-book and are instantly ready to apply the information as you look for the next Golden Pick Six to go after. We have had several successful testimonials since the release of this e-book and have sold over limited copies because this is what the track DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW!




MY VERY FIRST PICK SIX! I have heard of this Pick Six bet before because I have been betting horses for years now but never thought to actually try to win one. After I read this E-book I started my search for ones to go after. After 4 weeks I am super excited to say I hit my very first pick six paying out $13.870 at Belmont Park!!! Needless to say I am hooked and cannot wait to do it again. - Jim S. Chicago, IL


FINALLY DID IT! I have been playing Pick Six bets for years now and did hit a very small one years ago but nothing since. I took my time and there were several times that I know today was the day but ended in a sad disappointment. Some of the tickets I was playing were big so the loss hurt more than your typical small exacta. Then I got a hold of this book and after a short time realized some huge mistakes that I was making. After 2 weeks of making some adjustments I am $21,389 richer!!! This is some gold right here. Get your hands on it! - Mitchell B. Seattle, WA


Okay so you will be getting this “How to Nail a Pick Six” as an absolute FREE BONUS!  Now your head is probably spinning if you have been a struggling handicapper with what we have covered so far but we are NOT DONE YET!

 If you take advantage of the offer below BEFORE 4/1/2018! We are going to give you The “Ultimate Horse Handicappers Guide” as well!

Be Prepared to Get Your Doors Blown Off! This Amazing E-Book Includes 19 SPECIFIC STRATEGIES that will make you an UNTOUCHABLE HANDICAPPER! Check out these Strategies Below:

  • How the Best Handicappers Use Beyer Speed Rating to Dominate the Track
  • How to Spot Horses that are in TOP Form
  • Simple 8 Step Horse Betting System that Flat Gets Results
  • Six Step Formula for Cashing in BIG on Maiden Sprints
  • How to Nail a Good Longshot
  • Golden Tips for Betting Harness Racing
  • 11 Dynamite Tips for Betting Maidens at the Track
  • Learning the Art of the Bounce and what that is
  • How to Spot the Lone Speed Horse
  • The Essential Guide to Buying a Race Horse
  • Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions in Horse Racing Betting
  • Horse Racing Equipment and How to Use it to Your Advantage
  • Top 4 Elite Rules in Horse Handicapping
  • How to Bet on Winning Horses Consistently
  • Specific Strategies on How to Bet the Kentucky Derby
  • How to Use Blinkers in Your Betting Strategy
  • How to Pick Winners at a Sloppy Track
  • How to Use Horse Racing Running Styles to Picture the Race BEFORE it happens
  • What Exactly to Look for in Horse Racing Comments

After you access this information your handicapping of the future will NEVER BE THE SAME! You will take years of some of the best strategies on the planet and have them all in your arsenal when hitting the track.

So Here is a brief recap on this Amazing Handicapping Package:

The Killer Claiming Strategy

How to Nail a Pick Six in Horse Racing

The Ultimate Horse Handicappers Guide (If you Act Before 4/1/2018)

We are so confident you will be WAY OVERLY SATISFIED that we are offering a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Act Now to Get your LIMITED TIME offer for 80% off $132.00 only $26.99!!



More Testimonials

“Usually pretty skeptical with this stuff but what a no brainer! Whether you are new  to the sport or an old veteran. There is literally something for everyone in this e-book.  The most information I have found all in one place. I would of paid hundreds for this!

- Bob Stanzey, Tampa Bay, FL


“Each topic is straight to the point and no fluff! I hit a nice exacta that paid $968.42 at Santa Anita. These winners just popped out at me after reading one these tips. Now it’s time to go after a HUGE Pick 6!!!”- Craig Busboom, Greenville, KY


“Wow! There is a lot of information in this and everything is easy to read. Tried two of the strategies and cashed the biggest ticket of my life! Super Excited!”- Jamie Hender, Dover, Delaware


Get your LIMITED TIME offer for 80% off $132.00 only $26.99!! 



Copyrighted by Horse-racingtips.com

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Top 8 Horse Racing Bets

We all know that horse racing is one of the most popular sports around the world especially in the UK and Japan. With horse racing being centuries years old the betting and handicapping of the sport has increased its popularity to what it is today. One of the most awaited moment at the horse track is when there is money being wagered and down the stretch they come! With the technology today you don’t even have to physically be at the track to place a bet. This can be done online and the race can be watched via simulcast as many betting parlors have various races going on at the same time. Read more »

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How to Nail a Good Longshot

How to Nail a Good Longshot

Truth be told when it comes to horse racing betting and handicapping everyone would love to cash more long-shot tickets.  This is because the long shots are the ones that have the most payouts but on the flip side it’s reward vs investment.  The reason that they are long-shots is through a good study of the horses in the race this horse was originally deemed less likely to win.  For example if you a horse that is 3 to 1 this means out of 3 races this horse should win at least one of these races. If you have a horse that is 18 to 1 out of 18 races this  horse should win one race.


This article will give you some qualities to look for that might make a horse more likely to win the race than the odds play out. Read more »

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How to Bet on Winning Horses Consistently

Hello Horse Racing Fans! I have some good information that hit home to me and wanted to share with my fellow horse racing handicappers on how to bet on horses. These are what to do and not to do in horse racing that will save you some heartache in the future.

How to bet on horses~ Do Bet on Horses to Win

These are good bets if you have a horse that looks good in the paddock and the past performance looks well. Bet the horse to win even if it is a small wager. You can do the exotics all day long but not cashing a ticket in can weigh on your mind so don’t stay away for a small wager on a great horse to win regardless of the odds. A simple even if it is 5 dollars to win you can still get your money back with a little bit and say cash this in.

Horse Racing Tips

Horse Racing Tips

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TVG Horse Racing

In United States, there is one channel which is really dedicated to horse racing and a lot of horse racing fans is viewing this channel. It is the Television Games Network or TVG Network that began to broadcast in 1999. Since then, TVG became the largest horse racing TV network that covers 30 million homes nationwide (United States) and on May 2006 they started to air new shows like Morning Line, Fandicapping, 58 Flat, Lady Luck and Drive Time. Read more »

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11 Step Simple Horse Racing System

Here are very powerful horse racing betting concepts that can keep your winnings consistent and your handicapping sharp.

These are some old basic rules but still finds relevance today. IF you are going to the track on a moments notice, pop into an OTB with not a lot of time, or a beginner to horse racing this is a perfect start for giving you some quality choices without spending a ton of time handicapping a race. Read more »

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What is the Triple Crown in Horse Racing

Triple Crown Horse Racing

The only way to get the Triple Crown title is to get 3 consecutive win. In United States there are 3 Different Types of Races and these types of races are originally called Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Winning 3 consecutive times must be achieved to be a title holder of Triple Crown. First among the three is “The Kentucky Derby” (Run for the Roses) – 2.01 km, dirt track. Kentucky Derby was tracked at Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky on May 17, 1875. Read more »

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Top 11 tips for betting Maidens

When you are handicapping maidens there are certain things to look for if you are looking to win. There is limited information with maiden horse races and even though they are passed by many handicappers this could be the gold flow for you. Here we break down exactly what to look for: Read more »

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10 Commandments to Horse Racing

Rule # 1.) – Bet Horses with in your comfort level

One question you should ask yourself is how much you could bet on a Horse race without getting nervous? So if you bet and lost a race you could easily go to the next one with a clear conscience. Read more »

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8 step Horse Betting System

In scouring the loads of information out there in horse racing betting I have developed a simple little horse betting system. Basically when you are looking at a horse racing form you come across various information about the horse, its past races, and current form.  All of the factors play a huge role on who will actually win the race and if you can make notes of these various things you will gravitate the winning horse most of the time. Here is what I do from the time I get the racing form until my bet is made. Read more »

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5 Step Horse Racing Betting Strategy

When examining a Daily Racing Form it can be overwhelming with all the different information that the form provides you with. Here is 5 things to look for win handicapping  your horse racing form. This is quick and easy to use with amazing results Read more »

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Bf Bot Manager ~ Official Betfair API Solution

Bf Bot Manager and BQ Bot Manager are automated betting bots published by Sodens Limited, it is software used for automated betting and trading at Betfair and Betdaq betting exchanges.
Software was reviewed and approved by Betfair and Betdaq security teams. It is designed to save you time and maximize your potential when betting and trading at Betfair and Betdaq betting exchange. Read more »

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8 Myths in Horse Racing Betting

A myth is something that many people believe but it is not necessarily true. Here are 8 horse racing myths that have been around for some time now. We are here to disperse a few of these and tell you the real truth.  Read more »

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UK Horse Racing: Top Races

The UK horse racing is some of the best in the country and dates back to the 1800′s. If you love horse racing you should visit some of the horse tracks in the UK and you will love the tradition and history behind them. Throughout the years there have been some great horse races that take place in the UK. Here are the top ten UK horse races make sure you don’t miss them!

Get the best horse racing odds at William Hill and be updated of the latest news, expert tips and their latest offers. Visit the site now. Read more »

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Sunshine Millions Turf S. 1/20/2018 Free Gulfstream Park Picks

Hey there my fellow horse racing handicappers! I hope everyone is off to a great 2018 we are excited to bring you more FREE picks for Gulfstream Park and other  United State tracks this year than ever before. We will also be adding some new strategies and invaluable content as we learn more about the sport each year! This Saturday January 20th is the Sunshine Millions Turf S. on Race 7 and Gulfstream Park has put together one heck of a program around this big race! Read more »

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Cheltenham Festival News: Faugheen hits the headlines and heads to Kempton with John?

Cheltenham Festival News:  Faugheen hits the headlines and heads to Kempton with John?

It has been a busy news week for the 2018 Cheltenham Festival.  The annual four day race meeting, which is the ‘Holy Grail’ of National Hunt horse racing, may feature a ‘championship’ race every day but the Timico Gold Cup and Unibet Champion Hurdle are the undoubted headline acts.

An imperious performance by Faugheen at Punchestown meant a plethora of ‘professional money’ and doubtlessly a raft of 2018 Cheltenham free bets combined to see his priced smashed into a proverbial jigsaw puzzle and the 2015 Cheltenham Hurdle winner is now trading at just 9/4 with the big race sponsors. Read more »

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