A Cheap Claiming Betting Strategy That Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Hello my fellow horse racing handicappers! I just wanted to post some success and I would love to have other people contribute to the site on any success that they have had in the past on this site as well since this is really meant to help each other out out with the topic of exactas.

horse racing

Here are some past results below and this method continues to produce good winning tickets by picking a speed horse that is under the radar.

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How to Nail a Good Longshot

Looking for the long shot in Horse Racing

Truth be told when it comes to horse racing betting and handicapping everyone would love to cash more longshot tickets.  This is because the long shots are the ones that have the most payouts but on the flipside it’s reward vs investment.  The reason that they are longshots is through a good study of the horses in the race this horse was originally deemed less likely to win.  For example if you a horse that is 3 to 1 this means out of 3 races this horse should win at least one of these races. If you have a horse that is 18 to 1 out of 18 races this  horse should win one race.


This article will give you some qualities to look for that might make a horse more likely to win the race than the odds play out. Read more »

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Bf Bot Manager ~ Official Betfair API Solution

Bf Bot Manager and BQ Bot Manager are automated betting bots published by Sodens Limited, it is software used for automated betting and trading at Betfair and Betdaq betting exchanges.
Software was reviewed and approved by Betfair and Betdaq security teams. It is designed to save you time and maximize your potential when betting and trading at Betfair and Betdaq betting exchange. Read more »

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How to Bet on Winning Horses Consistently

Hello Horse Racing Fans! I have some good information that hit home to me and wanted to share with my fellow horse racing handicappers on how to bet on horses. These are what to do and not to do in horse racing that will save you some heartache in the future. Read more »

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Horse Racing

The sport of Kings called Horse Racing has been around for centuries and is one of the oldest sports around today. Is is said to have started back in 4500 BC in Central Asia and there was a time when English Knights bred English Mares and Arab Stallions to get a horse that has speed and endurance. Some of the oldest tracks are Doncaster, South Yorkshire which dates back to the early 1600′s. In the United States they constructed their first horse racing track in Long Island in the year of 1665. Read more »

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UK Horse Racing: Top Races

The UK horse racing is some of the best in the country and dates back to the 1800′s. If you love horse racing you should visit some of the horse tracks in the UK and you will love the tradition and history behind them. Throughout the years there have been some great horse races that take place in the UK. Here are the top ten UK horse races make sure you don’t miss them!

Get the best horse racing odds at William Hill and be updated of the latest news, expert tips and their latest offers. Visit the site now. Read more »

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Kentucky Derby History and Traditions

History of The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most oldest tradition in not just horse racing but in the sports world all together. The First Kentucky Derby took place May 17, 1875 and the excitement around this race was very evident from the beginning. On this day there were 15 jockeys that took to the track and 13 of them were African American. Over 10,000 people attended to watch the race and the winner of the first Kentucky Derby was a horse by the name of “Aristides” who was rode by Oliver Lewis. It is held every year at Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky and was originally a mile and a half but in the late 1800′s it was shortened to a mile and a quarter. The song “My Old Kentucky Home” still is the trademark song of the Derby and is played every year. The Kentucky Derby now takes place on the first Saturday in May and the excitement starts early in the year and gets more intense as it approaches. Read more »

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Top 8 Horse Racing Bets

We all know that horse racing is one of the most popular sports around the world especially in the UK and Japan. With horse racing being centuries years old the betting and handicapping of the sport has increased its popularity to what it is today. One of the most awaited moment at the horse track is when there is money being wagered and down the stretch they come! With the technology today you don’t even have to physically be at the track to place a bet. This can be done online and the race can be watched via simulcast as many betting parlors have various races going on at the same time. Read more »

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TVG Horse Racing

In United States, there is one channel which is really dedicated to horse racing and a lot of horse racing fans is viewing this channel. It is the Television Games Network or TVG Network that began to broadcast in 1999. Since then, TVG became the largest horse racing TV network that covers 30 million homes nationwide (United States) and on May 2006 they started to air new shows like Morning Line, Fandicapping, 58 Flat, Lady Luck and Drive Time. Read more »

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What is the Triple Crown in Horse Racing

Triple Crown Horse Racing

The only way to get the Triple Crown title is to get 3 consecutive win. In United States there are 3 Different Types of Races and these types of races are originally called Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Winning 3 consecutive times must be achieved to be a title holder of Triple Crown. First among the three is “The Kentucky Derby” (Run for the Roses) – 2.01 km, dirt track. Kentucky Derby was tracked at Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky on May 17, 1875. Read more »

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How to Bet the Kentucky Derby

The first Saturday in May is the running of the Kentucky Derby one of the most popular races in the horse racing world. In 2014 we will search once again for a Triple Crown winner and it all begins with the Kentucky Derby.Even people who do not follow horse racing tune in to watch the Kentucky Derby. With the field of horses its one of the hardest races to handicap but with the right information on hand you can cash some nice tickets betting the Kentucky derby. Read more »

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Top 11 tips for betting Maidens

When you are handicapping maidens there are certain things to look for if you are looking to win. There is limited information with maiden horse races and even though they are passed by many handicappers this could be the gold flow for you. Here we break down exactly what to look for: Read more »

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How to use a Horse Racing Money Managment System

Horse handicappers throughout the years have professed that money management is the key to winning at horse racing betting. I believe this to be 100% accurate nothing could be more truthful. If you don’t currently have a money management system the only thing you are handicapping is yourself.  Read more »

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10 Commandments to Horse Racing

Rule # 1.) – Bet Horses with in your comfort level

One question you should ask yourself is how much you could bet on a Horse race without getting nervous? So if you bet and lost a race you could easily go to the next one with a clear conscience. Read more »

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8 step Horse Betting System

In scouring the loads of information out there in horse racing betting I have developed a simple little horse betting system. Basically when you are looking at a horse racing form you come across various information about the horse, its past races, and current form.  All of the factors play a huge role on who will actually win the race and if you can make notes of these various things you will gravitate the winning horse most of the time. Here is what I do from the time I get the racing form until my bet is made. Read more »

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Top 10 Free Horse Racing Tips

With horse racing tips there is a library of information out there. You will find some great tips on this website that have derived from several years of experience that these handicappers put into words. Here are some Free horse racing tips that are the top 10 that most would agree upon. Read more »

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8 Myths in Horse Racing Betting

A myth is something that many people believe but it is not necessarily true. Here are 8 horse racing myths that have been around for some time now. We are here to disperse a few of these and tell you the real truth.  Read more »

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11 Step Simple Horse Racing System

Here are very powerful horse racing betting concepts that can keep your winnings consistent and your handicapping sharp.

These are some old basic rules but still finds relevance today. IF you are going to the track on a moments notice, pop into an OTB with not a lot of time, or a beginner to horse racing this is a perfect start for giving you some quality choices without spending a ton of time handicapping a race. Read more »

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5 Step Horse Racing Betting Strategy

When examining a Daily Racing Form it can be overwhelming with all the different information that the form provides you with. Here is 5 things to look for win handicapping  your horse racing form. This is quick and easy to use with amazing results Read more »

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A Look at the Top Horse Racing Events in North America For 2016

2016 will be a big year for horse racing in North America. With American Pharoah winning the Triple Crown after a thirty-seven-year dry spell, many punters are betting the odds that horse racing will receive a lot of recognition the coming year. Below we look at some of the top events to come:

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How I just missed a Pick 6 for $129,318 – Belmont Day 2015

I had a feeling the Pick 6 on American Pharoah’s Belmont Day was “hittable”, give the free square in the Triple Crown Champ to be in Race 11.  In the spirit of full and fair disclosure, I did not hit the Pick 6 and made a poorly constructed $36 play just for the action.  However, after the dust had settled and I had time to review the races, I thought I’d pen this analysis to learn from the sequence.  What got me to thinking was how my interpretation of the Ragozin sheets for the day played out on track.  I’ve always felt handicapping is only half the battle, and a thoughtfully constructed ticket would have resulted in a 6 figure payday.   Here’s how, in retrospect, I approached the bet, with a single in the last leg to the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years. Read more »

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Who will win the Preakness 2015?

Hello everyone! Happy Preakness and the 2nd leg of the triple crown as the horse racing enthusiast ask themselves one more time “Is this going to be the year of the Triple Crown?” There have been a good list of horses that have knocked the first two races out with the Derby and the Preakness the real test lies in the Belmont.  Read more »

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2015 Kentucky Derby Prep Schedule

We are getting very close to the first Saturday in May and the most exciting horse race of the year the 2015 Kentucky Derby. We have some horses that are really stepping up and preparing to start another run for the elusive Triple Crown. It has been since 1978 since a Triple Crown has been accomplished in which one horse wins the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont. Affirmed was the last one to accomplish this amazing feet. Will this be the year of the triple crown? We shall wait and see as in previous years many great horses have failed this very difficult task. Here is a list of the 2015 Kentucky Derby Prep Schedule and a replay of the races.

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Gulf Stream Park Free Picks 4/3/2015 Pick Six Carryover

Hello my fellow horse racing handicappers! Happy Friday to you and we have some very exciting racing going on at Gulf Stream Park with a Pick Six Carryover up to $431,676. We are looking to get you a piece of the action with a life changing bet. The pick six horse racing bet is the most lucrative bet in the industry. It takes some skill and luck to hit but you only need to hit one or two big jackpots for it to be a life changing event. Use your own picks and knowledge with our Free Gulf Stream Park picks below: Read more »

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Cheltenham Gold Cup field is wide open

This year’s Cheltenham Gold Cup promises to be the most competitive for many years and the number of horses going there with a chance of winning runs into double figures. Only four lengths covered the first five home 12 months ago, but it would be no surprise if even more horses were involved in the finish in 2015. Here, we take a little look at some of those who will be seeking Gold Cup glory. Read more »

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Five Reasons to Choose a Custom Horse Trailer for Your Racehorse

Whether you’ve been racing your horse for a while or are just considering investing in a top quality thoroughbred, it’s important that your horse be transported in a trailer designed just for him.  When you’re shopping for horse trailers for sale, you’ve got a lot of options — but if you’re a serious racer there’s no choice better than a custom trailer.  Here are five reasons why you need to pass on an out of the box model and go right to designing the perfect trailer for your horse: Read more »

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Horse Racing: A Popular Event


Horse racing is a very popular sport that has been a part of human civilisation since generations. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Roman are known to have organized chariot races in their times for public entertainment. Ancient Romans are even known to have adopted the culture of placing their bets on the outcome; a culture which they later took to other European lands they conquered much later. Read more »

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How to bet in-running on horse racing

How to bet in-running on horse racing


Betting in-running offers a great chance to make money.


by  donnierayjones 


With so many races to bet on across the globe, there are endless opportunities for betting. There is also a seemingly endless supply of information to help you make informed betting choices.

The key is knowing how best to use that information if you want to make a profit.

Using an exchange betting app allows you access to all the data you need, and it also allows you to bet and trade on the move.

You can even use the app to set up everything in advance with certain triggers for how much you want to stake, or how much you want to try to win, or what price you want to back or lay a horse at. You just need to find what’s comfortable for you.

When it comes to the information itself, then it’s about learning how a horse has previously performed or how races are often run at certain tracks, for example.

It is generally much easier to lay a horse in-running than to back as you don’t actually then need the horse to win.

So if you look at the data available on your betting app and find a horse is a front-runner but then rarely wins or usually finishes out of the money, it is a good opportunity to lay in-running at a shorter price after backing the horse before the off. This can then help to guarantee a profit.

Alternatively, Lord Windermere came from last to first to win the 2014 Cheltenham Gold Cup and would have been a big price in-running.

If a particular track favours front-runners, though, then you need to be more cautious about trying to lay horses at shorter prices. A track like Chester does favour front-runners, especially if they are drawn low.

And you always want to avoid trying to take on short-priced favourites in-running as there is rarely any scope to make a profit.

Once you have sifted through all the information to find the horses you want to back or lay in-running that day, then you can decide how you want to set up your bets.

You can do it all manually in a few clicks. Or you could just take advantage of the automated functions on a betting app and apply certain rules to your bets.

That is the simple part. Taking the time to go through all the data is what requires the hard yards being put in. But, once you do, then you have a much better chance of winning money.

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